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Silk duvets - luxury at an affordable price

Silkwarm offers the most luxurious of duvets - silk duvets.  The naturally breathable quality of silk keeps you warm in winter and cool in summer and has to be tried to be believed!

Silk-filled duvets act like a thermostat to keep the temperature under the duvet ideal for a comfortable and restful sleep. Silk duvets drape naturally over your body to keep keep out cold spots. Silkwarm’s luxurious silk duvets are made from 100% pure silk.

As well as being incredibly comfortable, silk duvets are a healthy alternative to traditional duvets, pillows and linen and ideal for allergy suffers. Silk is resistant to dust mites and is a desirable alternative to down-filled duvets for asthma sufferers.

And don't forget - there's free shipping on all our silk duvets to mainland UK.