Silk Duvets

Silk Duvets

Silkwarm’s silk duvets are filled with 100% finest long-fibre mulberry silk. Our all-season silk duvet weighs 400g per square metre, while our summer one weighs 180g per square metre. The cover is 100% combed cotton sateen.

Silkwarm’s silk duvets are hand-layered in a criss-cross pattern, to produce stability and unmatched qualities of softness, elegance and versatility. The criss-crossed layers of silk mean that the silk filling will never bunch or move. As a result the silk-filled duvet does not require pocket stitching like other duvets.

Silkwarm’s duvets are available in three ranges to suit individual needs. Which duvets you choose depends on your individual body temperature and the temperature of the room.

Summer silk duvets (3.5-5 tog) are perfectly suitable for summer and for people who get hot easily.

All-season silk duvets (7.5-9 tog) are ideal for most people the whole year round, and probably most suitable for year-round use in heated rooms.

Winter silk duvets (11-14 tog) are made by combining an all-season duvet and a summer duvet by buttoning them together. They are then suitable for people who feel the cold very keenly.