Silk Care

Silk is a luxury natural fibre, and it needs some special care. It is strongly recommended to cover Silkwarm’s silk duvets with  duvet cover all the time. Silk resists dust mites naturally so if you care for the duvets properly you seldom need to wash them. They are easy to care for: the recommended method is to air it in the sun twice a year to maintain their freshness. Although some companies say it's OK to wash your silk-filled duvets in the washing machine, we do not recommend doing this as the silk layers will be damaged by immersion in water.

Care of Silk Duvets

  • Always cover your silk filled duvet with a removable duvet cover
  • Air duvets in the sun twice a year for about 2-3 hours
  • Never water wash or tumble dry your duvet
  • Spot cleaning can be done by using a non-biological detergent suitable for washing silk
  • A thorough cleaning should be done by a professional laundry used to handling silk duvets

Care of Silk Bedding

  • Machine wash at 30°C or hand wash with a gentle detergent. Air dry and cool iron.
  • Never tumble dry it.

Care of Silk Pillows

  • Machine wash at 30°C, tumble dry at a low temperature.